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CompanyMARUI-PlugIn Inc.
CEOMax Krichenbauer
Address Hankyu Five Annex Building 2F
1-12 Kakuta-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka
530-0017 Japan

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Increased work efficiency with VR
Creating the future of 3DCG production

 MARUI-PlugIn was founded in 2016 by a single programmer who had the strong desire to realize the dreams of many 3D artists to create 3DCG in Virtual Reality, making the work more efficient and at the same time more creative.

 Since the release of the first beta version, over 1000 people downloaded MARUI. 3D design professionals from many areas of the industry became early adopters, and we formed partnerships with educational institutions and in the industry. Recently, MARUI raised JPY 22 million investment to accelerate its growth.

 Our vision is to allow the use of established and sophisticated 3D design software VR by developing plug-ins, thus making 3D CG design more efficient and intuitive worldwide.

 MARUI for Autodesk Maya – which released in 2016 – received feedback from various industries, first and foremost the games industry where the introduction of VR technology advancing at a high rate. Based on this feedback we improved MARUI by adding new features such as a Camera Creation Tool, VR Keyboard, and access to the Windows desktop from within VR. In the future, we will continue to put our users needs and desires first and improve MARUI wherever possible.

 Additionally, we started developing a 3ds Max version of MARUI to expand into the civil engineering and construction industries, which are expected to introduce VR in the near future.

 This is just the first chapter of our story. We will continue to support more and more 3D design software in the future to provide maximum benefit while minimizing adoption cost and thus revolutionize 3DCG production.
This is the future we are creating.