The Five Problems of Using VR for Work

/ July 29, 2017

The Five Problems of Using VR for Work With the recent buzz, more and more companies are discovering VR as a tool for creation. Not just to show customers a quick demo, but as a real work environment for creating new content. But when considering using VR “all day every day”, five problems are inevitably brought to light. This is what we learned from trying to bring our 3D design user interface “MARUI” to professional users. 1 Cybersickness Also called “virtual reality sickness”, this is the phenomenon of getting “seasick” from virtual worlds. Before we get into the details, let’s take a moment to ponder what a fascinating world we now live in, where cyber-sickness is now a every-day problem.

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Scripting in MARUI

/ June 19, 2017

In a recent video on YouTube, we introduced MARUI’s scripting capabilities. ( ) Here is the final script, so you can copy-and-paste it. Feel free to share and edit. // Current brush size – will become smaller over time float $brush_size_factor = 1; // List of objects in the current stroke string $brush_stroke_objects[]; // Master brush size – to be set through the menu float $master_brush_size = 1; // Function to be called at the beginning of the brush stroke global proc myPaintStartProc() { global float $brush_size_factor; global float $master_brush_size; $brush_size_factor = $master_brush_size; // Set timer to decrease brush size MARUI_Widget -create “timer” -command “$brush_size_factor = $brush_size_factor – 0.05;” -python false -number 0 -time 100 “myPaintFadeTimer”; global string $brush_stroke_objects[];

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