• MARUI-PlugIn

  • View your Maya scene in VR
  • Edit your Maya scene in VR
  • Scripting & Customization
  • Personal priority support

By subscribing and using MARUI, you agree to the End-User License Agreement (PDF)

  • Full Feature List

  • Support for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive
  • OpenGL and Direct 3D display fully supported
  • Navigate the VR scene with the controller (HTC Vive & Oculus Touch)
  • Set scene scale to match real-world units (meter, inch, ...)
  • Take the point of view of Maya cameras (look-through-selected)
  • Use CubeMaps to display your own VR background
  • Gamma correction in VR
  • Viewport 2.0 lighting, shading, texturing, and transparency display
  • Shadows and Ambient Occulusion rendering
  • Shader Support (DX10 / DX11)
  • Full resolution of the Rift / Vive for optimal display quality
  • Asynchronous Time Warp and Vsynch
  • Desktop mirror window
  • Use Maya tools in VR - edit the scene in real-time in VR
  • Component level modeling: Polygon Faces, Edges, Vertices, NURBS CPs
  • 6DOF editing tool: super fast object interaction
  • Cut-Polygons and Insert-Edge-Loop tool
  • EP-Curve tool to draw NURBS curves in 3D in VR
  • Access the Maya shelf in VR, including your own shelf items
  • Use Maya windows in VR (Outliner, Attribute Editor, Hypershade, ...)
  • Three different UI Layouts: modeling, animation, and lighting/rendering
  • VR Keyboard for numeric input
  • See and interact with your Windows Desktop in VR
  • 3D Object Pivot editing tool
  • Constraints to connect Maya objects and VR devices
  • Support for HTC Vive Trackers
  • Scripting API : write MEL or Python scripts to fit MARUI to your needs
  • Access to HMD and Controller data (position/rotation) through scripting
  • Build your own menus and assign custom functions to controller buttons
  • Floating HotKeys for fast feature access
  • Receive script callbacks from within VR
  • Utility script functions for easy VR scene editing
  • Create Maya cameras from your VR point-of-view
  • Save an unlimited number of viewpoints in the Maya scene
  • Define your own controller button mappings with a simple-to-use UI layout editor
  • Capture videos in VR, either from your own POV or an arbitrary viewpoint
  • Webcam streaming for AR/MR
  • AR mode with cameras
  • Priority support in English, German and Japanese
  • Email response within 24 hours guaranteed
  • MARUI custom builds - specifically tailored to your needs
  • Personal consulting on MARUI / Maya / VR issue
  • Custom personalized tutorials
  • Personal help with your MARUI related scripts

Maya2014, Maya2015, Maya2016, Maya2016 Extension2 (2016.5), Maya2017 and Maya2018.
Please note that Maya LT is not supported.

Currently, MARUI is only available for Microsoft Windows (Windows7 or later).

If you already have bought a MARUI subscription, you can get the latest version at

Subscriptions of MARUI v1.5 will remain valid.

You can still continue to use MARUI v1.5 and always get the latest release at
MARUI v1.5 will continue to receive bug-fixes, but new features will only be added to MARUI v2.

We offer a money-back guarantee.
If MARUI doesn’t fit your needs, we will refund you 100%.
You can even continue to use MARUI until the end of the month if you want to give it another try.

We offer annual licenses at a discount:
Premium: $800 (you save $160)
Advanced: $600 (you save $120)
Standard: $400 (you save $80)
Viewer: $100 (you save $20)

Floating licenses and group licenses will be granted on an individual basis.
Please contact us at for details.

We offer free non-commercial licenses to students, universities, and other educational institutions.
Please send email to with the following information.
1: Your name
2: Name of educational institution
3: Position/ Grade
4: Use-case / purpose to use MARUI