VR is now your canvas...
What will you create?

MARUI adds a VR viewport and input to Autodesk Maya, speeding up your production and bringing an intuitive feeling back to your CG workflow.
MARUI 3 not only allows you to work comfortably in any position but also can increase your production speed by up to 34%*. If you had 34% more time in your day, what else could you get done?

Check how Eric fell in love with modeling and animating in VR


MARUI enables you to work intuitively with your hands in 3D space,
just as if you were touching the real object!

What makes MARUI great is the ability to move naturally in the 3d environment. This makes 3d work so intuitive that it will be difficult to ever return to the screen, keyboard, and mouse again.


Camera Animation
Collaborative Review
Lighting / Rendering


MARUI brings you the logical next step of 3d production

In the 1990s, we experienced the last great disruption, when PCs and 3DCG took over the desks of designers and animators. Now, XR technology is revolutionizing the workplace once again.
Get ready now to catch the wave without having to break your current workflow – with MARUI.


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Winner of the bronze prize at Hack Osaka 2017
Winner of Osaka Innovation weekend 2016
Winner of lightweight class at Get in the Ring Osaka