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VR Plug-in for Autodesk Maya


MARUI is a PlugIn for Autodesk Maya that allows you to do your modeling and animation work in VR with Oculus Rift or HTC Vive.
3D creation in VR increases your productivity in many cases.
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Lighting Rendering


See your Maya scene in VR. Check your 3D model before exporting it to your game engine or 3D printer. Simplify your production process, saving time and money in a wide variety of industries.


Use advanced VR-exclusive tools and scripting commands to build your own functionality and customize your user interface to match your specific production needs.  


Edit your Maya content in VR - with all the tools you are used to from Maya. You no longer have to return to the mouse to make changes to your model, simplifying and streamlining production.


Receive premium support and custom versions of MARUI tailored exclusively to your needs. Individual correspondence with our engineers with guaranteed fast response times so you can rely on us.

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MARUI provides monthly based subscription licenses.
You can manage the number of licenses as you need.
Optimize your working cost with MARUI now.


【1year Anniversary Special Prices】
Dear customers,
It's been a year since we got first user of MARUI, and thankfully, our first user is still using MARUI.
Now we offer you $20 discount of STANDARD/ADVANCED for the first month!!
Don't miss this chance!!
*Offer expiration: End of December

  • MARUI-PlugIn

  • View your Maya scene in VR
  • Edit your Maya scene in VR
  • Scripting & Customization
  • Personal priority support

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