Your mouse is already obsolete

The mouse is a relic designed for 2d work on a 2d screen. For 3D design and asset creation, it’s time to liberate your creativity and increase your speed and efficiency up to 34%* with VR. What more could you get done with 34% more time?

Check how Eric fell in love with modeling and animating in VR

Finally, 3D tools for all 3D professionals!

The mouse was created as a 2D tool for a 2D screen. Its application in 3D design has always been makeshift. And like the typewriter and the floppy disk, your mouse is already obsolete when it comes to 3D art. Join the VRevolution and liberate your Z axis.

Major studios are already using VR in production

Films like the Lion King and Ready, Player One have used VR to improve their production process. Now, for the first time ever, studios and 3D artists of all types and sizes can bring the Hollywood-tested power of VR into their own workflows easily and affordably using MARUI plugin and our entire suite of CGI production tools.

Our tools help you create faster

We believe in helping studios work more efficiently by using the power of VR to work smarter, not harder. That’s why we’re developing an entire suite of next-generation tools using the power of VR and AI, all backed by the latest research. From our patented gesture recognition AI which saves crucial development time to our Autodesk Maya VR plugin which speeds up your modeling and animation workflows up to 34%, our tools are designed to make your life easier.

Our Tools


Built to work seamlessly with Autodesk Maya, MARUI enables a VR viewport and input, allowing artists to view, edit, and improve their artwork directly in VR. No more nudging vertices 3 times – once for each axis in orthographic view. In VR you save time by moving objects and vertices directly to the right place the first time. A full three degrees of visual and editing freedom are now in your hands.

MiVRy Gesture Recognition AI

MiVRy harnesses the power of machine learning to simplify the process of training gestures for your VR game, app, experience, or workflow. Whether the gesture you’re looking for is a custom spell casting motion, reloading a gun, copying a fitness move, or opening a door, you can train gestures with a high degree of accuracy within 30 seconds. Using the patented gesture-training technology in MiVRy, you can save hours of precious programming time. The library works with Unity, Unreal, Autodesk Maya (via MARUI plugin) and almost any other software which supports 3D input.


Just like MARUI, BlenderXR brings VR viewing and editing capabilities to a popular 3D computer graphics program – in this case, Blender. While its features aren’t as fully developed as MARUI, it still offers a great chance to experience modeling in VR through a professional 3D asset creation software. Since BlenderXR is totally free, we are currently focused mainly on our other projects. If you like this project and would like us to work on it more, please consider donating to its development.


Love the idea of VR camerawork, but don’t use Maya or Blender? If you’re a 3ds Max house, you can still leverage the power of VR to easily and quickly move your virtual camera around using your HTC Vive or Oculus Rift headset. Choose whether your camera should be attached to your headset, controller, or an external tracker, and simply move your camera in the real world like a filmmaker!


Camera Animation
Collaborative Review
Lighting / Rendering


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