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MARUI v.3.0.2
The CamView: see the view of any Maya camera in VR in real-time
Custom Gesture Widgets: customize an unlimited number of gestures for every button such as “button A + swipe left” or “button X + draw a circle”
Performance Guide: 6 page PDF on how to get the best frame rate when using MARUI

Nov 12, 2018

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Q & A

MARUI does not require any specific hardware. Display performance will depend on the Maya scene you wish to open.
You can check if your scene is too complex for VR on your PC by enabling frame rate display in Maya (Display ⇒ Heads Up Display ⇒ Frame Rate).
Move the camera and observe the frame rate at the bottom of the viewport.
If you reach more than 120fps, the scene will display smoothly in VR (60fps per eye).
If you achieve between 60fps and 120fps, jittering may occur (30fps per eye).
If you cannot reach 60fps, we do not recommend trying to view the scene in VR.
Try hiding parts of the geometry or switching to wireframe display to improve performance.

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