New Study: VR eliminates the learning curve for Maya

/ January 11, 2020

New Study: VR eliminates the learning curve for Maya Could VR open doors for professionals of all backgrounds to jump in and assist the digital animation process without any special training? New research suggests that VR effectively eliminates the learning curve of using the complex 3D graphics software Autodesk Maya. Lowering the time required to get your hands dirty in Maya means a wide variety of artists and supervisors can jump right in and join the previz process (and even the actual animation and review process as well). This ultimately means that professionals and consulting artists without any formal…

VR is up to 34% faster

/ September 30, 2019

Animation is entering the “second great disruption” after the PC and CG revolution of the 90s and early 2000s. VR has recently been shown to increase speed, precision, and accuracy of professional animation workflows when compared with the original UI and mouse and keyboard.

How Studio05 used Maya with VR to increase production speed and design process efficiency

/ September 1, 2019

How Studio05 used Maya with VR to increase production speed and design process efficiency When Studio05 was tasked with creating a medical training course in VR for students of a prestigious Dutch hospital, they faced a unique challenge – how do you design an app for VR when most CGI production tools are predominantly 2-dimensional? The fact of the matter is, traditional production pipelines in digital design predominantly use software based around the monitor and mouse – not the same way the media will be consumed. This adds time to the process of review and asset creation.   When Studio05…

VR is disrupting film production

/ August 28, 2019

VR is disrupting film production – When will other creative industries take notice? When John Favreau was tasked with remaking the Lion King, he didn’t want to use the same production process as he used for The Jungle Book three years earlier. Changes in the production of animated films from the original 1994 Lion King – the best performing animated film of all time – to the Jungle Book and now the new Lion King witnessed the move from 2D to 3D and finally VR. Avatar brought technology and virtual reality to film production in a new way, offering…

Mail magazine, April

/ April 27, 2018

One common issue that people are troubled by when working in VR is to duplicate the work done on one part of the model (for example the right side of a symmetric object) on another part (eg. the left side). Of course you can just duplicate and transform (rotate or scale) the object,but that is often not as precise as people would wish for. Here, Maya scripting commands can be very handy. For example: “Duplicate and mirror on the x-axis:” duplicate; scale -ws -p 0 0 0 -1 1 1; performPolyNormal 0 -1 0; or: “Rotate 90 degrees around…