Design faster using VR

VR makes 3d design process faster by bringing complete navigational freedom and improved spatial awareness to Maya. Research has shown that VR production tools like MARUI speed up asset creation up to 34% while preserving existing pipelines.

Is VR really faster?

Recent groundbreaking research has shown that VR is faster for industry professionals across many tasks. Rigging (32% faster), skin weight painting (28% faster), posing (34% faster), and a complete pipeline task (15% faster) are some of the workflows tested at labs across the world so far*. Try MARUI today and test it out yourself!

Seamless pipeline integration

MARUI works hand-in-hand with Autodesk Maya as a plugin, which means your artists can use the powerful functions they know and love right inside the software they’re already familiar with. Just drag and drop – no installation necessary. Your pipeline remains intact and you can easily switch in and out of VR when you need to – without having to learn an entirely new software.

VR sickness is a thing of the past

Many people have memories of feeling ill when using VR. This mostly comes from early-generation devices and apps with lots of horizontal movement. In MARUI, the scene is stationary, so MARUI users don’t experience VR sickness. On top of that, MARUI reduces carpal tunnel, neck and back pain, and allows you to change your working position as needed for a healthier working style.

VR is useful for production, even for media which won't ultimately be viewed in VR

Just like The Lion King was made for cinemas but produced using VR, so too is MARUI designed for all projects – not only those which will end up being viewed in VR. Many of our users model and animate for conventional games and 3DCG as well – they love the freedom, speed, and inspiration of working natively in VR even if the final product will not have a VR component.

Future-proof your pipeline

Hollywood has made the move to VR in production. Studios are next. More and more companies are jumping on the power of VR/AR to catapult their creation processes into the 21st century. By adopting MARUI, you can easily integrate this technology into your creation processes and avoid being left in the dust.

MARUI Use-Cases


Camera Set-Up and Animation
Animation and MotionCapture
Collaborative Review
Lighting / Rendering

What our users are saying:

MARUI users say...

"After I started Tilt Brushing, I HATED Maya. It was so slow, and it could never capture my ideas like VR could. But ever since I downloaded Marui this year, I feel like I found this secret key that unlocks Maya. EVERYTHING just flows out, and I'm more willing to spend a majority of my modeling time in Maya vs other VR design programs. I realized how new this all was, and that this tool was literally the only way to make professional 3D models in VR."
"MARUI brings to Maya the logical next step. Parallax galore to better judge the dimension of your actions."
"What makes MARUI great is the ability to move naturally in the 3d environment. This makes 3d work so intuitive that it will be difficult to ever return to the screen, keyboard, and mouse again."
"We have used the plugin for 3 projects to date...We use it so that our 3d designers can quickly buildup and test VR and AR environments in Maya. This speeds up our design process immensely. It should be standard integrated in Maya."
"Modeling and animation process are faster and more intuitive to make with MARUI because you have more freedom and flexibility to navigate your scene, you can scale up or down, spin around the scene and position yourself in the most effective spot to make the adjustments you have to make, also it is much more fun."


MARUI 4 licenses are one-time payment perpetual licenses.
You will not be billed again after the initial payment.

Maya2014, Maya2015, Maya2016, Maya2016 Extension2 (2016.5), Maya2017, Maya2018, and Maya2019, Maya2020, Maya2022, and Maya2023.
Please note that Maya LT is not supported.

MARUI is available for Microsoft Windows (Windows7 or later) and Linux (the Linux version only supports the HTC Vive).

If you already have bought a MARUI license, you can get the latest version at

Subscriptions of MARUI v1.5 and v.2 will remain valid.

You can still continue to use MARUI v1.5, v2 and v3 and always get the latest release at
MARUI v1.5, v2 and v3 will continue to receive bug-fixes, but new features will only be added to MARUI 4.

We offer a money-back guarantee.
If MARUI doesn’t fit your needs, we will refund you 100%.
You can even continue to use MARUI until the end of the month if you want to give it another try.

Floating licenses and group licenses will be granted on an individual basis.
Please contact us at for details.

Generally, all headsets which are either Steam-VR or Oculus (PC) compatible are supported.
MARUI has been tested to work properly with the following headsets:
– HTC Vive, Vive Pro, and Cosmos
– Oculus Rift and Oculus Quest (via USB “Oculus Link”)
– Windows MR headsets (DELL, HP).
– Varjo VR-1
– Pimax
– Valve Index and Knuckles
MARUI does not work with stand-alone or smartphone-based headsets such as Daydream, Hololens or Google Cardboard.

Additional supported devices are Logitech VR Ink, Massless Pen, and LeapMotion.

VR devices we support...

HTC Vive, Vive Pro, Cosmos,
Oculus Rift and Oculus Quest (via USB cable “Oculus Link”),
Windows MR (Dell, HP,  etc)
Varjo, Pimax, Valve Index and Knuckles,
Logitech VR Ink, Massless Pen, LeapMotion

Full Features


Trial License

marui4 trial package shot

$23 (USD)


marui4 package shot

$65 (USD)


marui4 pro package shot

Floating license and Volume license are also available. Please send your request at
By subscribing and using MARUI, you agree to the End-User License Agreement (PDF)


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Backed by research

Initial research cited on this page can be found here.
Future studies are also underway using MARUI, please be sure to check back for more!