1. Getting Started

2. Basic Menus

3. Using Maya Windows, Editors, and UI Elements in VR

3.1: Window-based Features of MARUI:

4. The Polygon Modeling User Interface

The “Component Mode” Menu: switching to vertex, edge, or face editing
The “Polygon” Menu:
     – “Create New”: Sub-menu to create new polygon items.
     – “Polygon Tools”: Sub-menu for polygon editing tools:     
     – “Polygon Operations”: Sub-menu for polygon operations (bevel, bridge, poke, collapse, …).
     – “Transform” Sub-menu for applying object-level transformations (align, rotate, mirror/flip, …)
     – “Mesh Operations”: Sub-menu for mesh-editing operations (delete history, booleans, smooth/reduce, …).
     – “Normals”: Sub-menu for editing normals (hard/soft edge, flip normals, conform normals, …)

5: The NURBS Modeling User Interface

The NURBS MenuThe Pencil Curve ToolThe EP Curve ToolThe Curve Groom Brush Tool

6. The Animation User Interface

The Timeslider
The Animation Menu
    – Playback
    – Next / previous keyframe
    – Set / delete keyframe
    – Auto-Keyframe
    – Ghosting (“onion-skin”)
    – Create Joints Tool
The Animation Editor
The Playback Options Window

7. The Lighting/Rendering User Interface

8. Settings and Customization

9. Advanced Features

10. Troubleshooting, FAQ, and Support