The CamView (Maya Camera Preview)

The CamView – see a Maya Camera’s view of the scene

Instead of jumping into a Maya camera with the “Look-through-selected” feature, it can sometimes be helpful to have a 2D display of what the camera is currently seeing. While you can open the Maya RenderView in VR (even with Arnold renderer), the RenderView is not updated in real-time and can take some time to refresh, which makes working interactively difficult.

This is where the CamView can be helpful. The CamView provides a floating 2D window in VR that shows the exact view of the Maya camera in real-time.
It can be found in the Lighting Rendering Menu (which is on the right controller on the left side of the touchpad (HTC Vive or Oculus Rift) when in Lighting/Rendering mode.
The tool is indicated by the following icon:

Select a Maya camera and then activate the “CamView” item.
See this video for a demonstration on how to use the tool.

The CamView has additional options provided as buttons in it’s title bar:

Display/Shading mode:

Click this icon to switch between different shading modes such as “wireframe”, “solid”, “textured”, or “wireframe on textured”.

Lighting mode:

Click this icon to switch between different lighting modes such as “default”, “use all lights”, “use selected lights only” and “ambient lighting only”.

Lock / attach to camera:

Click this icon to toggle attaching the CamView to it’s respective Maya camera on or off. When attached the the camera, the CamView will move with the camera when the camera is moved in the scene.

Frame rate / refresh rate:

Click this icon to switch between different refresh rates for the CamView. Available frame rates are 12fps, 25fps, unlimited fps (ie: as many as possible), and 0 fps (ie: no automatic refresh).
If you choose “0 fps” you can manually refresh the CamView by clicking inside the CamView window.