Documentation: Using the Marking Menus

Using the Marking Menus in MARUI

MARUI offers most of it’s features through circular menus (so called “Marking Menus”) on the controllers.

You can bring up the menu by pressing and holding the respective button on your controller.

On the HTC Vive controllers, the touch-pad is divided into four segments: left, right, up and down.

Press down on the touch-pad in the respective segment to bring up the menu associated with that

On the Oculus Touch and Valve Knuckles controllers, up to four menus are attached to each thumb
stick, as well as the A/X and B/Y buttons.

On Valve WindowsMR controllers, both the touch-pad and the thumb-sticks can each contain up to
four menus.

Each menu contains several menu item icons. Hover over an icon with your cursor (the red arrow
on the top of your controller) to see a tool-tip explaining the item. To activate (execute) an item,
hover over the item with your cursor and press the trigger button. You can also activate items by just
hovering over them and releasing the trigger. Please see the “User Interface” tab of the MARUI
settings dialog for this setting.

You can build your own menus and attach them to buttons on your controller by using the MARUI
“UI Layout Editor” dialog.