Documentation: Using Maya Windows & Editors in VR

Using Maya Windows & Editors in VR

Maya offers a large number of Windows and Editor panels such as the Hypershade, Outliner, Render-View, Tool Options window and so on.

MARUI automatically displays these in VR. While MARUI is running, as soon as you open any Maya window (including those of third-party plug-ins, scripts, rigs or your own helper windows), these will be displayed in VR in front of you.

The following video gives an introduction to floating windows in MARUI:

You can also open windows within VR from the MARUI-Menu, and it’s “Windows” submenu.
MARUI Menu Icon->

Every window has a title bar on the top and the bottom of the window.
By dragging this title bar you can change the position of the window in VR.

By dragging the borders of the window, you can make the window wider or higher to show more content.

It also has a “Close” icon to close the window in the top right corner:
Icon Close

You can change the display size of the window by dragging the “Zoom” icon in the title bar:
Icon Zoom

You can minimize a window by clicking the “Minimize” icon in the title bar:
The "Minimize" icon
Click the icon again to restore the window.

When your workspace becomes confusing with too many windows, you can use the “re-arrange windows” item in the MARUI menu’s Window sub-menu.

MARUI Menu Icon -> ->

You can save the windows which you currently have opened and their position either in the “MARUI Window Manager” floating window, or from the “Load” and “Save” items in the MARUI menu’s Window sub-menu.