Documentation: Using your own Scripts and Plug-Ins in MARUI

Using your own Scripts and Plug-In in MARUI

You can use your own Maya Scripts and Plug-Ins in VR.

If your script or PlugIn requires the execution of a certain command, then it most convenient to place a button for it on the shelf.

If you don’t know the command that needs to be issued, open the Maya Script Editor, and check the checkbox for “Echo all commands” in the “History” menu. Then execute the action you need to perform for your script or plugin and check the output in the Script Editor. Usually the first command will be the one you need.

Select it and drag-and-drop it onto the Shelf. A new button will be created.

When you start MARUI now, the shelf will be parsed and you can access your function within VR from the Shelf inside MARUI.

If your script or Plug-In requires a special window, open that window while MARUI is running. It will appear in front of you.

Currently, only left mouse button interaction is possible in MARUI.

If you are having trouble with a particular window, please contact MARUI support at