Documentation: Using the Maya Shelf in VR

Using the Maya Shelf in VR

In MARUI, you can access the Maya shelf with all its tools within VR – this includes all items you have placed there yourself or that have been placed there by scripts or plug-ins that you use.

The following video explains how to open and use the shelf in MARUI:

You can select the “double-click” option (usually the tool settings) of any item by selecting the wrench icon in the top right corner of the icon:
Iconoverlay Options

Currently, the shelf will only be parsed once, at the time when you first open it in VR.
So if you add a new script or icon to the shelf after opening the Shelf in VR, it will not be automatically added to the VR shelf.

It can also happen that icons are not displayed correctly.
Currently, only icons based on PNG image files are supported.