MARUI-PlugIn Version History

MARUI v4.1.0


– Added/improved NURBS component selections (isoparms, curve points, hull).
– Added snapping to NURBS isoparms (in snap-to-curves mode).
– Fixed an issue in Omni and QuickDrag tools that resulted in imprecise snapping.
– Added support for Python commands in the Shelf.
– Fixed issue with Repeat Last operation.
– Made unknown windows appear in VR as well (new setting: “Display unknown windows”)
– Enabled selecting additional objects when in component selection mode.
– Fixed issues in SkinWeightPaint tool.

MARUI v4.0.9


– Overhauled SkinWeightPaint tool (including OctTree caching).
– Added MultiSample AntiAliasing (MSAA) support.
– Support for higher resolution rendering than native (new setting: “Resolution Multiplier”).
– Improved tutorials.
– New component mode for editing Local Rotation Axes.
– Fixed an issue where zooming in too much could affect visual fidelity.

MARUI v4.0.8


– Improved ChannelBox attribute dragging on the floating window.
– Added support for the ChannelBox attribute dragging context outside of the window.
– Improved VR video capture (now using FFmpeg v4.4.4).
– Added joint x-ray, component x-ray, and isolate select to display menu.
– Fixed issues with mouse simulation in VR.
– Added new setting “Mouse Simulation Mode” to switch between more performance and better stability.
– Added new option to run MARUI in the Maya-viewport without a separate mirror window.
– Fixed issue in OmniTool when AutoKey was enabled.
– Updated VRfree glove support.

MARUI v4.0.7


– Added support for Maya 2022.
– Extended Motion Capture (VR Constraints) to support up to 8 Vive trackers.
– Improved mouse simulation for Art3dPaint and unknown tools (including hover simulation).
– Overhauled Groom tool.
– Fixed potential crashes in floating window code and mouse simulation.
– Improved Extrude tool (including new component space scale mode).
– Improved VRfree hand model.
– Fixed Vive Cosmos and HP Reverb G2 support issue (grip buttons).

MARUI v4.0.6


– Fixed an issue with MiVRy/GestureRecognition library which could lead to crashes.
– Added saving tool settings and resetting tool settings.
– Fixes and performance improvements in PolyDraw tool.
– Symmetry/mirroring for InsertEdgeLoop and PolyCut tools.
– Added Art3dPaint texture painting tool.
– More settings and improved usability of settings dialog.
– Added VRfree glove support.
– Added a new setting to suppress automatic display of Maya windows in VR.

MARUI v4.0.5


– Added support for sub-menus inside floating windows.
– Updated PolyDraw tool to avoid re-parsing the whole mesh if not necessary.
– Made the ‘options’ icon in menus larger size to make selecting it easier.
– Fixed/improved OmniTool manipulator scale.
– Fixed floating windows BRG/RGB display bug.
– Fixed selection issues with laser-pointer interaction.

MARUI v4.0.4


– Improved floating-windows system (more stability and better performance).
– Added CV editing to EPCurve tool.
– Fixed symmetry and undo/redo for EPCurve tool.
– Added finishing and closing curves with EPCurve tool.
– Added lock-in-plane and “hold-ALT-for-precision” to RefPics.
– Added fix to potential SteamVR server crash issue.
– Added Birail items to NURBS menu.
– Updated and improved NURBS tutorial.

MARUI v4.0.3


– Fixed issues in PolyModeling tutorial and improved it’s usability.
– Fixed issues in floating windows that could have caused crashes.
– Numpad now has select-all, copy, paste, and a circular slider button.
– Fixed issues in Maya2020 with animation ghosting.
– RefPics can now be set to be visible only to one eye.

MARUI v4.0.2


– Sculpt tool now has better usability and re-meshing.
– Added setting to hide “look-through-selected”.
– Added gamma correction to video recording.
– Added “clear selection” (unselect) to selection menu.
– Support for WorkspaceDockingPanels as floating windows in VR.

MARUI v4.0.1


– Added a new FileImporter dialog.
– Sculpt tool now more usable, added re-meshing.
– Improved the tutorials, including a guide for the marking menus.
– Updated gesture recognition library (MiVRy).
– Alt widget an now be used to Ctrl-Select (add to selection) in floating windows.

MARUI v4.0.0


– Added support for File Browser, Confirm Dialog and Color Picker (Maya pop-up windows).
– Improved Massless and Varjo support.