Documentation: Troubleshooting Common Technical Problems

Troubleshooting Common Technical Problems

When trying to see my Maya scene in the Oculus Rift, I am getting an “Unknown Sources” Warning.

Since MARUI was not bought through the Oculus App store, Oculus considers it an “Unknown Source”. In order to avoid the “Unknown Sources” warning, open the Oculus Rift app, go the the “Settings” section, and in the “General” tab enable “Unknown Sources”.
See the screenshot below for details.

I have a low frame-rate or otherwise poor display performance

We provide a 7-page extensive guide on optimizing Maya / MARUI performance.
You can download the latest version of the guide with your plug-in file at
The guide is updated regularly with new tricks and resources.


In VR, I can see an empty environment, but I cannot see my Maya models

When you start MARUI, your scene may be placed in the center of your room, as defined in your VR device (HTC Vive or Oculus Rift) set-up.
To bring the scene in front of you, press the Reset View To Fit Scene icon, either in the MARUI shelf tab in the Maya shelf, or in the MARUI Menu.


Objects flicker or are cut off beyond a certain distance

Your clipping distance may be too wide or too narrow. Please try changing the clipping plane distance values in the MARUI Settings Dialog.


All models are displayed black in VR

It is possible that your lighting mode is set to “use all lights”, or “use selected lights” without having any lights in the scene.
You can change the lighting mode either via the MARUI Menu or the Settings.
Please note that the lighting mode is one of the settings that MARUI saves with its settings file,
so the mode you currently have when saving your settings to file will become the default mode for MARUI on start-up.


I sometimes see shadowy reflections of objects or trails following an object

On some versions of Maya, OpenGL rendering is creating rendering artifacts when ScreenSpace ambient occlusion is activated.
In order to solve this issue, you can either switch the display engine to Direct3D (in the Maya preferences, in the “Display” category, under “Viewport 2.0”)
or you can disable Screen Space Ambient Occlusion in the MARUI settings.


When working with polygon faces, sometimes faces on the back-side of the object are selected.

This is a common bug in Maya that occurs when the selection tolerance is set very large.
Please see the article on the Settings on how to set your selection tolerance.


Double-clicking an edge in order to select an edge loop is not working.

Currently, MARUI does not support double-click interaction. Please use the “Extend selection to edge loop” item in the Modeling Menu to select edge loops/

When my scene is far away, dragging myself towards it with grabbing-the-air-navigation is tedious.

In these cases, we recommend scaling the scene to a smaller size by moving your hands closer together, then pulling yourself (or the scene) closer, and then returning you your desired scale by moving your hands apart from one another again.


I cannot change the size of a floating window.

Sometimes, Maya windows do not permit resizing, for example when they are docked inside the Maya main window.
In these cases it sometimes helps to close the window (in the Maya desktop window) and opening it again (in MARUI).


Pressing Maya hotkeys on the VR keyboard (eg. pressing “-” to decrease the manipulator size or “v” to activate snapping) doesn’t always work as expected.

While the MARUI VR keyboard can be used to send keystroke events to Maya to trigger hotkeys, it can be unclear where the keyboard focus is at any time.
It is possible that you are accidentally typing into a text field instead of issuing hotkey commands.
Please use the items in the MARUI menus to perform the desired operations.
If an operation does not have an equivalent item is a MARUI menu, you can use Scripting to build your own menus and hotkeys and connect them to your controller buttons.
You can also contact MARUI support at if you have a request for an operation to be supported in MARUI.