Documentation: Reference Pictures (Image Planes)

Reference Pictures and Image Planes

MARUI provides specialized windows that can display images in VR.
Unlike normal users, these are fixed in size and position to your Maya scene, so you can use them as Image Planes or references for modeling.

The following video explains the use of Reference Pictures:

To create Reference Pictures, open the MARUI Reference Picture dialog by clicking on the reference picture icon on the MARUI shelf tab in the Maya shelf:
Icon Picture

There you can open new Reference Pictures by clicking the Create button.


You can set the scale of each Reference Pictures either with the scale slider in the Reference Picture Dialog or by dragging the scale icon of the Reference Picture in VR:
Icon Zoom

Transparency (Alpha)

You can change the transparency of each reference picture either from the Reference Picture Dialog, or by dragging the transparency icon in the top right corner of the Reference Picture in VR:
Icon Opacity

Locking Reference Pictures

Locking Reference Pictures lets you avoid accidentally moving a Reference Picture when you are working in VR.
While locked, the Reference Picture will stay in place and cannot be scaled anymore.
You can activate or deactivate locking for every Reference Picture either in the MARUI Reference Picture dialog, or by clicking the lock icon in the top right corner of the Reference Picture in VR:
Icon Lock

Saving and Loading Reference Pictures

You can save your Reference Pictures inside your Maya scene, so that the next time you open your Maya scene, you can restore the Reference Pictures you had previously opened, including their scale and transparency.
The Reference Pictures will the saves in the form of Maya locator nodes, so you can edit them or delete them without having to load MARUI.