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MARUI-PlugIn is an Osaka-based technology company which brings Virtual Reality support to the professional 3DCG software Autodesk Maya, allowing 3D artists to create faster and more immersively without switching from their existing software. By modeling and animating in VR as opposed to with the traditional monitor and mouse, artists are able to work with objects as if they are in the same room, increasing the speed and efficiency with which they can build, resize, review, and animate models and scenes in 3 dimensions.

Along with MARUI, the flagship plugin for Maya, Max and MARUI-PlugIn have also developed an entire suite of VR tools for 3D design including:
-BlenderXR, which brings VR functionality to Blender in much the same way as MARUI does to Maya
-VCAT, a camera motion recording plugin for 3DS Max and Maya
-A patent-pending gesture recognition library for easily training 3D gestures using machine learning.

MARUI developed its powerful suite of VR tools for visual professionals in the games, animation, and cinema industries in order to revolutionize the way 3DCG artists work. While the VR industry has typically focused on consumer based applications and experiences, MARUI enables VR to be used during production for a more intuitive and natural creative process, even if the final game or media will not be viewed in VR.

Founder Bio

Founder and CEO Max Krichenbauer came up with the idea for MARUI while working as a PhD student at the Nara Institute of Science and Technology in June 2016. Building on his previous experience as a Technical Pipeline Director at Trixter animation studio, Max sought to improve the 3D modeling and animation process by replacing the 2D tools of mouse and monitor with intuitive, more native, fully 3D VR interface. “I wanted to develop a better way of working. I think MARUI appeals to people who want to get their hands involved in the creation process. After all – why would you model with a mouse? With VR, you can see the whole picture.”


Brand Name






Gesture Recognition Library

- VR plug-in for Autodesk MAYA

- Virtual Camera plug-in for 3dsMax/MAYA

- VR UI for Blender

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Winner of the bronze prize at Hack Osaka 2017
Winner of Osaka Innovation weekend 2016
Winner of lightweight class at Get in the Ring Osaka


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